“Fifteen Days (Five 3-Day Weekends) 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day

You’ve been waiting for it and here it is! Belief-level change…at last!

At the Foundations and Advanced levels, our NLP Manila courses can be compared to other NLP centers taught outside the Philippines, particularly in terms of contents and their mastery. However, it is only NLP Manila that has offered a full NLP course that has not been shortened even with clients’ demand to do so. NLP Manila believes that learning and mastery of NLP skills do not come instantly, and it is in the best interest of the learners to acquire the knowledge and skills by going through a rigorous process rather than a half-baked course.

Your experience of our Foundations and Advanced NLP Courses provided you with the learning experience where there is deep respect for you and all your experiences. You have also felt and experience the profusion of care shown by NLP Manila and of the participants for their fellow learner. It takes a conscious and deliberate effort and energy to develop such a caring environment – and that comes not just from our NLP instructors, but also, and as important, from your fellow NLP learners as well.

NLP Manila’s Master Level provides a course curriculum and experience that is greatly different from other NLP courses found within Asia. In affiliation with NLP Marin based in Marin City, California, the NLP Manila Masters level training provides a different approach in dealing withBelief and Identity Change. Having learned the skills to discover and update your behaviour andcapability pattern in NLP2, you will now learn to notice and untangle the beliefs and identity issues that have stabilized the Intended Positive Outcomes of all types of out-dated patterning.

This Master Practitioner Certification is provides an intense exploration of the structures of experiences that create and stabilize our sense of who we are in the world. You will be learning exceptionally useful ideas such as:

The psychology and related aspects of childhood developmentFormation and structure of beliefsThe trademark Marin-style NLP concepts such as Structures of Hope, Temporal-Spatial Sorting, Dinner Table Festivals of Family Reframing, and Suffering Obligations of Love.


All the work that you have done so far such as developing effective communications, building rapport and paying attention to ecology and the Intended Positive Outcomes (IPOs)  have lead you to NLP Master’s Certification. From knowing the NLP concepts and of techniques that add and connect resources, we move into the stage where we are able to summon the resources that we need to create order and a profound, deeply respectful change.

What does the curriculum cover?

Aside from the distinct skills, tools, and patterns that will be added to your toolbox during the Masters class, the focus is on the frames coming from paradigm you use to understand and make sense of the world and to make meaning of what people are telling you. Only throughunderstanding, respecting, and deeply appreciating can we genuinely start our quest for personal transformation.

In the Masters course, you will begin to be able to answer for yourself the question most beginning practitioners have: “How do I know what resources to use?”

First weekend:

Meta-Programs. This course continues the discussion and learning from meta-programs, a wonderful aspect of conventional NLP and the remarkable people who did such pioneering work. Through what filters do you see the world? How similar or different is it for your clients?Learning to identify your own perceptual filters and become a more skilled communicator in any context by being able to adapt your communication to the filters of others.


Second weekend:

Childhood Development Stages. Borrowing from the works of NLP Marin, NLP Manila embarks on a program that distinguishes it from other NLP centers in Asia. This distinct feature is thewillingness to explore and respect the root source of present pain. To understand the meaning a brain may be making from its internal representations, it is useful to explore what stage of development a child was in when he/she installed that particular representation in their mind.


Third and Fourth weekends:

In the third and fourth 3-Day weekends you will continue to integrate the frameworks of the first two weekends. During these days, you will learn advanced re-imprinting and explore the structure of beliefs and existential baseline states. The coursework covers re-imprinting on spatially anchored timelines and also the Marin-style NLP version of these remarkable interactions.


Part of this amazing 3-day weekend is the exploration of the Structure of Identity and work with the Family-Dinner-Table-Information-Gathering-and-Festival-of-Reframing


Fifth weekend:

A productive 3-day weekend where we cover modelling for business competence and a variety of refinements on re-imprinting and extensions of Marin-style Identity-level change.For this 3-Day weekend, we will work with trans-incarnational timelines, time-warping language patterns, “sleight of mouth” reframing (including updated and valuable standard NLP material),temporal-spatial sorting, and Programmer Stance.Introduction to Holographic NLP frames such as “Suffering Obligations of Love” and Trans generational Belief and Identity change.Integration and testing for Master Practitioner Certification.

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