Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a human communications technology that produces long-lasting personal change which, in turn, extends to professional and organization change. NLP initially started as a study and coding models of excellence – how individuals in different fields of expertise achieve excellence and how the factors that led to excellence can be identified, coded, and “reproduced” by others. NLP was first put into a systematic body of study in early 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, USA.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a term that covers the major components – and the dynamics within them – that produce human experience and their perceived reality. In essence, NLP deals with the following systems:

Neurology – how and why people think the way they do.Linguistic – how we use both verbal and non-verbal language that describes our reality.Programming – how our patterns of thinking and use of language within the context of our unique environments create and shape our thoughts, beliefs, behaviour, and perception of reality.

 Self-Discovery and Personal Transformation

NLP Manila’s unique approach to the quest for personal transformation and development integrates the learning from various fields such as cognitive and social psychology, behavioural economics, linguistics, neurology – including consciousness and the unconscious, psycho-therapy, quantum science, and other related areas of studies. The integrative approach of NLP Manila results to an effective practical application that creates profound changes in human behaviour, experience, and perception of reality. In addition, NLP helps provide cognitive, perceptual, and behavioural skills for self-discovery, personal change and development, and instantly building rapport with others.


NLP and Systems Thinking

NLP is a practical and effective approach to personal change and transformation that stems from the understanding of multi-dimensional processes – from mental cognition, language use, to the understanding of human behaviour. It provides for a system that leads to self-discovery and the creation of empowering beliefs, personal identity, and life mission. Presently, NLP Manila’s focus is not limited to creating and developing competence and excellence. More importantly, NLP Manila provides an effective approach to getting in touch with the spiritual aspect of human experience and the wisdom that goes with it.


NLP Manila believes that mind, body, and spirit work as one and that the human experience is always operating in a systemic process with its environment. As such, any form of change action needs to consider this ecological approach to self-transformation.


Achieving Desired Outcomes

NLP Manila offers practical working models for understanding human behaviour and achieving desired outcomes. It provides the ability to access people’s perception of reality and, as needed, to re-frame their views and ascribed meaning of their experiences. NLP also provides the skills to update deep-seated beliefs that may need to be changed or modified to create new realities so that those who are on a quest for personal change may experience life fully – to be more of who they are, to build positive relationship with others, to embark on a wholistic personal transformation that leads to enduring happiness.