One of the most transformative and in-depth NLP Training Programs in the Philippines and Southeast Asia!

NLP Manila offers a uniquely full spectrum of courses – from Certified NLP Practitioner Course to Master Practitioner Certification. Our classes are both leading-edge and kind of old-fashioned simultaneously. We say our courses are old-fashioned because we take the time and provide the considerable support that students need to truly master the remarkable  perceptual and behavioral toolbox that is Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

At NLP Manila we still emphasize a number of incredibly important and powerful skills and tools that other NLP centers no longer bother to teach – or are even capable of providing for their students.

In truth, a lot of the NLP that is offered out there is "dumbed down" version of the original set of knowledge – optimized for rapid delivery yet superficial in the context of learning. Those are the "instant" programs where depth is discouraged and individual learning styles are overrun by exaggeration, hype, and group-trance momentum that does not last and will not hold in a person’s life.

At NLP Manila, we purposefully teach and interact with our students in a completely opposite way.  For example, from NLP Manila you will never get an email that sounds of feels like this:  “Master 7 Brain-Shattering Secrets To Control People’s Minds!!!!” (unless it’s part of a joke).

Because we teach and learn in depth, we ask a lot from our students…but we give them even more.



The Practitioner's Certification Course is a combination of two courses (NLP 1 and NLP 2) that constitute the core training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming leading to Primary Certification as an NLP Practitioner. It is an intensive course done in twelve days spread into three months. It is intentionally scheduled this way to give our learners the time to practice and incorporate in their daily activities each set of learning that they get from the series of two-day training per week (Saturday-Sunday).  The focus of this program is geared towards the acquisition of the core competencies of a NLP Practitioner centered on Communication and C, the enhancement of Personal Mastery and Personal Leadership, and the critical skills needed for Coaching self and others.

Training Days

Twelve Days: Six sets of Saturday and Sunday Classes spread into three months, with 4 training sessions per month. (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day)

Expected Outcome

For Year 2019 and beyond, we have combined our two previous courses NLP 1 and NLP 2 into one powerful and transformative program. This is a synthesized training course where the focus is on the delivery and practice of critical, beliefs, concepts, principles, techniques, and approaches of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The combined total of years of experiences and actual practice of its founder-trainers have resulted to a crafting of a powerful program for personal change and transformation; the development of personal leadership, and the foundations of coaching.

Specifically, NLP Manila's Practitioner's Course aims to provide the participants the following major outcomes:

  1. Acquire and practice Outcome and Solutions-Oriented Mindset
  2. Develop a deeper level of Self-Awareness that leads to Personal Mastery and the enhancement of Personal Leadership
  3. Know and practice f time-tested techniques of Self-Motivation and Motivating Others
  4. Positively Influencing Others
  5. Have a powerful sense of observation through the visual, auditor, kinesthetic, olfactory,  and gustatory fields
  6. Have a greater sense of flexibility in thinking, language, and behavior by being able to adapt and thrive in different circumstances and situations
  7. Use the different NLP change-works concepts and tools, and techniques
  8. Know and practice Appreciative Leadership skills and way of life
  9. Master the Art of Communication and Change
  10. Acquire the  ability to Lead and Coach others, even fellow leaders, effectively


Fifteen Days: Five 3-Day Weekends. (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day)

 Our Master Practitioner Certification Training is offered once each year beginning at the last quarter of the year. It provides the opportunity for the student to develop mastery in the use of NLP through expanded understanding, not only of the NLP model, but also of significant contexts within which the NLP model is taught at NLP Manila. These contexts include:

  • Childhood development psychology
  • Family systems dynamics
  • The physical function of the brain and nervous system
  • Recognition that humankind exists within the frame of a larger whole
  • Implications of operating from a Newtonian versus a Quantum world view

 The objectives of the Masters course are:

  • to expand understanding of human behavior and how to influence or change it with integrity;
  • to promote continuing movement toward excellence and ease with core-level material; and
  • to provide a powerful increase in the student’s ability to use NLP as a foundation for elegant communication and change in all aspects of life. 

Certification as an NLP Master Practitioner is available at the end of this class.


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