My Search for Happiness

January 25, 2022
Isn’t it time to turn all those past memories and future experiences into your happy trails!

My darkest time happened in 1992 as I sat on the floor in my apartment in Larkspur California. My life seemed a disaster as I was recently divorced, lost most of my financial assets, and soon to lose my business. It seemed hopeless and I saw no future and on that day, that dark, dark day was the start where I made the choice to see.

Anyone that knew me was aware of my deep depression and feelings of being lost and wandering aimlessly through a cloud of sorrow and doubt. I had reached out for help and the advice I received over and over was, just give it time Jim and things will get better. Those words meant for encouragement rang hollow in my heart and actually started to become irritating.

On that day as I sat on the floor, I turned and saw myself reflecting reflecting from my mirrored closet. As I looked my thoughts went to feelings of pity and the thought of how much longer can I endure this. Will this ever get better? I wanted the pain and deep loneliness to end.

That turned out to be the best day of my life. For on that day as I sat there staring and crying and crying and staring until it seemed there were no more tears to cry. In that moment I said to myself in a strong, firm, and yet loving voice the following. Jim, you must find out how to be happy. It is up to you to find your happiness. That was the day my search began.

I want to share my stories in hopes it may give you hope if you find yourself in a place like where I was or perhaps even an idea or two that may help you see the world through a different lense, a lense of love and acceptance.

If I could impart in you the love of self and to begin to see yourself not in the light of right or wrong but what works and what would you like to work better or differently, then we would all know you too are on your path of happiness and love.

As a child I barely remember watch the Roy Rogers TV show but always remember the end of each show with Roy and Dale singing Happy Trails to you. I so wanted to be on one of those trails. Once you discover how to be happy then you will find happiness in all your trails and experiences from the past, present and future.

Isn’t it time to turn all those past memories and future experiences into your happy trails. After all you really do deserve it!

About the author


Jim is a certified NLP Instructor and Master Practitioner from NLP Marin/ Instructor and Practitioner of NLP since 1993/ Trained by Jonathan Rice and David Gordon/  Trained in Family Constellation work as developed by Bert Hellinger/ Jim is also level 2 certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique taught by Dolores Cannon.