Being Human

NLP Manila respects and celebrates the entire endeavor that is called “Being Human.” NLP Manila ultimately shares with NLP Marin (California, USA) the value of giving all our clients, friends, colleagues, and family members Unconditional Positive Regard. And this is the framework for our commitment to exploring and discovering in a fun and rewarding ways all those areas of our lives - both conscious and unconscious – that make us humans.​

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Respect & Validation

NLP Manila builds rapport with everybody - our clients, colleagues, friends, and family members - through respect and validation. And acknowledging that we are all on a path of personal transformation - some more conscious than others, some more deliberate and intentional than others. Yet all share the same experiences of living in this wonderful world.

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Human Spirit

NLP Manila places human spirit and dignity above all. Engaging with NLP Manila means engaging in the exploration and development of your inner personal power in an atmosphere of total acceptance and non-judgment.

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NLP Manila’s engagement with its participants is done in the warm embrace of acceptance; celebrating the human spirit within and understanding that all humans are programmed towards positive possibilities.

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Nurturing Environment

NLP Manila provides a nurturing environment that help the participants turn their dreams and visions into a reality, guiding them to access their own personal power, and pursuing practical approaches to change and transformation.

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Deep Understanding of Human Behavior

NLP Manila offers practical working models for understanding human behavior and achieving desired outcomes.

It provides the ability to access people’s perception of reality and, as needed, to re-frame their views and ascribed meaning of their experiences.

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Expanding Beliefs

NLP Manila provides the skills to update deep-seated beliefs that may need to be changed or modified to create new realities.

We enable those on a quest for personal change to  experience life fully – to be more of who they are; to build positive relationship with others; and to embark on a holistic personal transformation that leads to enduring happiness.

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