Angels at the Crossroads

September 8, 2023
Emmanuel F. Silan, PhD
At a certain point in our lives, we have always arrived at our crossroads.

At a certain point in our lives, we have always arrived at our crossroads. In many cases, we got paralyzed, for a time, because of the hard choices that we felt we had to make.

Yet there were events in our lives that, if we were more attentive and sensitive enough, we would have seen and heard the symbols and messages of the world.Those that nudge us towards the path laid for us by our fate, or not.

Many a times, these appear to be happenstance and coincidences - yet most ofthose turned out to be more meaningful than was initially expected. They arewhat Carl Jung called synchronicities. Where the positive outcomes are feltacross the ripples of time and space.

Synchronicities. Happenstance. Fate. If you open your senses enough, you willsee them all around you, us. Like finding a mentor and a guide unexpectedly.They appear right when you were so anxious, confused, depressed, or feeling solost that you didn’t really know how else to move forward or function in thisworld.

Or, after a long period of storm and stress, of long nights and fevered dreams,struggling to find meaning and worth of your life - you suddenly found apassage in a nondescript book, or saw a sign along the road whose messagesuddenly opened your eyes to other dimensions of life.

Sometimes, these things touch the essence of you; and takes your breath away.Suddenly, that message, that person, became a beacon in your path.
All these can be called synchronicity. And these persons, actual, spiritual, orliterary characters; known to you or you have only known from afar – may havebeen the “Angels” at your crossroads.

So, open your senses more by mindfully being here, right now, in this world. Iam almost sure you will then be able to read the subtle signs and symbols ofthe world. And this will radically change your life.

Be curious enough to talk to seemingly interesting people. Usually, they arethose who – regardless of age – exhibit “gravitas” or those who vibrate withinner joy, despite their difficult situations in life. They can also be mentors- for that moment - whose persona touch your essence.

Or, out in the great outdoors, you will hear particular sounds, notice apeculiar formation of trees, or a captivating bed of wildflowers that stand outfrom its surroundings.

Along the beach, you will hear your message from conch shells and the gentlylapping waves on coral stones and sand.

Talk with strangers too, especially those you find in houses of worship whoseemed joyful and serenely contented with life.

Finally, listen to the gentle blowing of the wind, and the hazy memories ofyour dreams. For they carry messages from entities known and unknown. Messagesthat would make you intuitively feel what they meant.

These are your angels at the crossroads of your life. You are surrounded bysynchronicities.



Artwork: Moon Forest, Christie Sailors

About the author

Emmanuel F. Silan, PhD

NLP Coach and Counselor/ Human Behavior and Communications Specialist/ NLP Master Trainer (IN) and Coaching Master Trainer (ICI) / Organization Development Consultant/ Highly Experienced Team Building Facilitator/ Certified NLP Instructor and Master Practitioner/ has MA in Instruction Development and Technology/ PhD in Organization Development/ and currently taking Master in Counseling Psychology at  Ateneo de Manila University.