We are cordially inviting you to take the front seat of your life and embark on a transformative way of being, leading, and coaching

Neuro Linguistic Programming Manila, Corp.(NLP Manila), a training and consultancy company focusing on human communications system and behavioral change, is offering a powerful training program that results to personal change and professional success.

 NLP Manila is the only organization in the Philippines that offers a full spectrum of NLP certification course.Where others provide shorter versions of NLP training, we provide as much as we can for the clients to be as fully knowledgeable and skillful as they can be.

 Presently, one of our major Change-Work Programs is a certification program called NLP PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION COURSE: The Foundations of NLP, Coaching, and Personal Transformation.

 NLP Practitioner’s Course aims to provide the participants the following major outcomes:

  1. Outcome     and Solutions-Oriented Mindset
  2. Deeper     level of Self-Awareness
  3. Time-tested     Techniques of Self-Motivation and Motivating Others
  4. Positively     Influencing Others
  5. Having     a powerful sense of observations through the visual, auditory,     kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory fields
  6. Having     a greater sense of flexibility in thinking, language, and behavior by     being able to adapt and thrive in different circumstances and situations
  7. Using     the different NLP change-works concepts and tools, and     techniques
  8. Know     and practice Appreciative Leadership skills and way of life
  9. Enhance     one’s communication and leadership skills
  10. Acquire     the ability to Lead and Coach others, even fellow leaders, effectively


We believe that you will find the NLP Practitioners’ Course, and its resulting outcomes, a necessary addition to the mindset and skill set that results to better productivity and a more significant way of living.


Feel free to contact any of the following NLP facilitators at any time for enrollment and other inquiries:

Jeny Cueto-Pajarillo – NLP Manila Associate (  / 0917-4283284)

Irish De Guzman – NLP Manila Associate (  / 0908-9813887)

Krishna Ayuso – NLP Manila Associate ( / 0917-8550951)  

Let us hear from you soonest!


To your health and success.


Emmanuel “Noel” F. Silan, PhD

Organization Development Consultant

NLP Instructor and Master Practitioner

NLP Manila


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