Program Details:

Self-paced modules + Live Coaching(Accountability) + Workshop

Business Coaching:  2 hours x 8 sessions =  16 hours

Transformative NLP Life Coaching: 4 hours x 8sessions = 32 hours

ImpactXFreedom total coaching training hours: 48hours


Transformative NLP Coaching Schedule: 1 pm to 5 pm

Session 1: (Kick off) December 10, 2022

Session 2: December 18, 2022 (Sunday)

Session 3: January 7, 2023

Session 4: January 14, 2023

Session 5: January 21, 2023

Session 6: January 28, 2023

Session 7: February 4, 2023

Session 8: February 11, 2023

Business Coaching Schedule: To be Announced


Course Fee:

Early Bird Fee (Full): Php 49,900

Enrollment Period: Oct. 19 to Oct. 29

Payment terms: Php 17,900 x 3*

*Php 17,900 to get registered

4x payment term:

Applicable to Early Bird Rate Only

Reservation of slot: P10,000 on or before Nov 30

Next payments at Php 13,500 (3 months)

Limited to only 15 slots.

Regular Fee (Full): Php 54,900.00

Enrollment period: Oct. 30 to Nov. 5

Payment terms: Php 19,700 x 3*

*Php 19,700 to get registered

Payment Method:

Online Bank

Paypal (+5%):

BPI: Ma. Suzette F. Abela | 0019460746



Ma. Suzette F Abela | 09957403941

Contact Persons:

Michelle P. Cho, RPm

Chief Activator



Emmanuel F. Silan, PhD

CEO and Lead Consultant and Trainer


Paula Balagtas

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Impact X Freedom Coaching Course


A 2-month integrated, group coaching program for learning enhancement and career launching of business and life coaches. The program aims to guide people with a passion of helping others in transforming their life and help launching their coaching career. The program is facilitated by two expert coaches, Suzie Abela on starting and scaling a coaching business (The ModernMaria Co) & Noel Silan on Transformative NLP Coaching (NLP Manila).

Note: This program offers the first stage of the two-stage process of a full life coaching certification from NLP Manila TransformativeNLP Coaching Program.


1. To guide coaches in embracing their whole persona: their strengths, weaknesses, sources of doubts, and deepest aspirations.

2. To teach life coaches how to monetize and launch their coaching business to make it sustainable.

3. To understand and practice core concepts and techniques of coaching using NLP, Positive Psychology, and Counseling Psychology.

4. To teach aspiring life coaches how to properly guide clients to achieve their life goals.

5. To build a community of life coaches that support and collaborate with each other as they start and enhance their coaching career


Course Outline:

1. Self-Awareness: This module is focused on personal change work and transformation.
2. Self-Belief: Focuses on self-competence, strengths, and capabilities.
3. NLP Communication System: Building rapport and bridging relationships.
4. Belief in Others: Client-centered coaching approach.
5. Can-Do, No-Excuse Mentality: This is one critical piece of the process of success!
6. Possibilities and Solutions-Orientation: Creativity and bias for the positive are learned behavior.
7. Growth Mindset and Learning Mindset: Self-development has no limits!
8. Understanding Human Behavior: To understand how humans think and behave is an edge to managing life and a successful career.
9. Non-Judgment: Curiosity and understanding are suggested approach in positive and even transformational changes in self and others.
10. Accountability: This includes self-assessment, evaluation of the tools and processes used in coaching, and the observable changes in our clients.

Intro to Clarity Phase
Module 1: Creating Your Impact
Module 2: Validating Your Niche
Module 3: Defining Your Dream Client
Module 4: Crafting Your Niche Statement
Module 5: Mapping Our Your Coaching Business Strategy

Module 6: Crafting your Core Program (BETA)
Module 7: Pricing Strategy
Module 8: Your signature Call
Module 9: Client Onboarding Process
Module 10: Coaching with Ease
Module 11: Packaging your Full Program

BONUS: Notion Tutorial on Lesson Planning
BONUS: 8-slide program pitch sample
BONUS: Create Onboarding Form in Airtable
BONUS: Creating your Client's Portal
BONUS: How to Create a Sales Page in Canva
BONUS: Branding + Canva + Social Media Content
BONUS: Tracking your financial success

> The course is delivered in 8 sessions of four hours each. The sessions are live and interactive and done via zoom platform.
> The 32 hours of Transformative Coaching is the 1st stage of the full Transformative NLP Coaching program of NLP Manila. Interested participants who would wish to continue fortifying their life coaching skills will be given an equitable discount in the regular course offerings of NLP Manila.
> Related to item #2 above, NLP Manila’s certification courses in NLP and Coaching cover 90 hours of contact time and 30 to 40 hours of documented practical activities.

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