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Training the Facilitators Program

NLP Manila is proud to offer our “Training the Facilitators Program” (TFP) for 2022 and Beyond!  This 5-Day training program is open for interested HR, OD, and learning development specialists and for organizations as well.

The Training the Facilitators’ Program aims to transfer NLP Mindset and Technology to a select group of trainers and facilitators from client organizations. Primarily, the TFP aims to enable the corporate trainers to effectively help facilitate organization change programs, team building, and other learning activities to the various leaders, employees, and staff of their own organization systems.

The Training the Facilitators’ Program, focused on structured learning facilitation and team building skills, entails deeper understanding of the fundamentals of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It also involves experiencing how NLP Manila incorporates Organization Development, Cognitive psychology, Behavioral Psychology, and Positive Psychology, in its practice of facilitating NLP-based training programs.


The outcome of the Training the Facilitators’ Program is for the facilitators to help guide their colleagues into developing desired mindsets, better ideas, processes, and behavior. The learning sessions are anchored on the practical application of theories and learning concepts. Specifically, they are intended to:

1.   Understand and practice the foundational concepts and techniques of NLP

2.   Influence mindsets that understand and support the change processes.

3.   Help guide the participants in becoming more agile in both mindset and behavior.

4.   Help each individual and teams in becoming more psycho-emotionally resilient.

5.   To exhibit deeper commitment to organizational objectives.

6.   Help mold mindsets that result to better productivity of the participants.

7.   Help facilitate a more collaborative working approach and break the seeming “silo mentality” of individuals and teams.

For interested participants and organizations, you can directly inquire from the following NLP Manila trainers and coach-counselors:

Traits of Effective NLP Facilitators

NLP Manila’s extensive experience in facilitating learning programs, behavioral training and management, coaching and mentoring, and team building has shown that training facilitators are more effective when they exhibit and possess the following traits:


Thus, the Training the Facilitators’ Program focuses more on the enhancement and development of personal traits of the TrainingFacilitators than on specific team building techniques and approaches.

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