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August 4, 11, 18, 25, and September 1, 2023

6 pm to 9 pm

(Five Friday Sessions, 3 Hours per session)


Program Cost: Php 15,000.00

Zoom-Based Sessions

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Noel Silan, PhD/ 0917 63403 23 /
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Michelle Cho / 0917 7991334 /

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NLP Manila TranceWorks: Hypnotherapy Workshop

Trance work is a more appropriate term focusing hypnosis in everyday life. Its use in both coaching and counseling borders on the magical. Most often, once a practitioner is skilled in this craft, the clients might forget the details of the sessions, but the changes in his/ her life will be made apparent in the coming weeks and months. This is because skilled NLP practitioners use trance work moments to align the conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions of the clients.

And most often, embedded positive ideas, once fully adopted by the client, "becomes" - instead of becoming -  the set of guiding force for positive change.

This NLP TranceWork Course intends to equip NLP practitioners, Life Coaches, Counselors, Therapists, and those in the path of Personal Transformation, the ability to incorporate this particular change works approach to their own people development and training programs. NLP Manila’s TranceWork makes the process of change faster, more powerful, and more sustainable in a manner that perfectly fits the clients’ life and work context.

Course Outline:

I.              Defining Trances

II.             NLP and TranceWorks

III.            Using Hypnotic Language

IV.           Congruence and The Unconscious

V.            Trance Inductions

VI.           Associations & Dissociations

VII.          Eliciting Hypnotic Phenomena

VIII.         The Power of Metaphor

IX.           HypnoticLanguage

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