Total NLP Training hours: 120 Hours
Learning Session: 90 Hours
Required NLP Practice:
30 Hours (in-between Sessions)
Online Classes
Course Fee:
Php 57,100.00 (inclusive of training materials and certification fee)
Pay to:
NLP Manila Corp. 
BDO Savings Account:
0108 2018 9545


Training Days: January to April 2024 (Batch 1)

Saturdays and Sundays, 1 PM to 6 PM

(Hybrid - Online and F2F)

January 2024:  20-21, 27-28

February 2024: 10-11, 17-18, 24-25

March 2024: 9-10, 16-17, 23-24

April 2024: 13-14

Total Hours:   90Hours + 30 Hours of Practice = 120 Hours

Training Days: UPDATED Schedule - July to September 2024 (Batch 2)

Saturdays and Sundays, 9 AM to 1 PM

(Hybrid - Online and F2F)

July 2024: 6-7, 20-21, 27-28

August 2024: 10-11, 17-18, 24-25

September 2024: 7-8, 14-15, 21-22

*For 6th of July - Schedule will be: 1 PM to 5PM

Total Hours:   90Hours + 30 Hours of Practice = 120 Hours


For Inquiries and booking, kindly contact the following:

Noel Silan, PhD/ 0917 63403 23 /
Jeny Pajarillo / 0906 4014565 /
Michelle Cho / 0917 7991334 /

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NLP Practitioners’ Course: Foundations of NLP, Life Coaching, and Personal Transformation (120 Hours)


The NLP Basic Certification Course (BCC) is one of our three major Change-Work programs and is offered twice a year.  Specifically, it is called NLP PRACTITIONER’S COURSE: The Foundations of NLP, Coaching, and Personal Transformation.

This certification program benefits not just the individual attendees but also their organizations as well. Organization Development concepts and systems are part of the discussion and cases covered in this course coming from the shared experiences of the lead facilitators who are OD consultants themselves. 

The course is focused on the fundamentals of NLP concepts and techniques, their application in everyday life, the fundamentals of NLP coaching, and the ensuing Personal Transformation which is the natural endpoint of all the learning in this course.

This 120 Hours of NLP Certification Program of NLP Manila covers a host of NLP beliefs, concepts, knowledge, skills, and Change-Work techniques that aim to help transform the life of the learners from ordinary to extraordinary!

1st Set of Learning Sessions (30 Hours)

  • Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Fundamentals of NLP Liberating Beliefs, Concepts and Techniques
  • Outcomes and Levels of Change and Transformation
  • Building Rapport, Behavioral Flexibility, and Sensory Acuity
  • Sensory-Based Words and Language Flexibility
  • Calibration and Emotional States
  • Conversational Frames and NLP Communication Models 

2nd Set of Learning Sessions (30  Hours) 

  • The Outcome Frame and NLP ChangeWork Models
  • Personal Transformation and ChangeWorks 
  • Creating and Changing Meaning 
  • Milton Model and NLP Metaphors
  • NLP Techniques for ChangeWorks
  • New Behavior Generator and Other practical and useful NLP Tools

3rd Set of Learning Sessions (30 Hours) 

  • The Meta Model as Tool for Change
  • Trans-Derivational Search (TD Search) 
  • Submodalities and Submodality-based Change Patterns
  • NLP Coaching and Counseling Techniques
  • Advanced Ecology
  • The Parts Model
  • Six-Step Reframing of NLP Manila: Aligning Behavior with Intention
  • Disney Creative Strategy
  • Hypnotic Language Patterns
  • The “Milton-Model” (inverse Meta-Model) 

Required NLP practices in between training sessions: 30 Hours

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