A Slice of Happiness: Hope and Choice

April 28, 2021

Hope for a happy life is a universal desire we all share. And as long as that hope is maintained then life at a minimum becomes tolerable and sometimes full of joy.

When we lose hope is as close that we get to our perceived imminent death or extreme pain. How many of you have experienced a panic attack or two in life or could not imagine a future life of happiness. Allow yourself to remember one of those events and recall the feeling --- the feeling of loneliness and desperation or even extreme terror. A feeling of never ending sadness and hopelessness. And in those darkest moments imagine an angel came forth and offered you a choice --- a choice that seems so easy and yet full of promise and joy. A choice you have been searching for all your life. Finally what if you I’d not have to wait for an angel but were to discover the magic of choice

 What if we were to change our focus from hope to choice. When we have lots of hope we also believe we have lots of options and choices of a bright future or life is enjoyable at the time. When we lose hope we run out of choices and potential options for a happy future.

 The key to finding your slice of happiness is to realize that ALL OF US will always choose the option that feels the best. If the only choice is a bad feeling or a worse feeling, we will choose the bad one. Even a panic attack is the best feeling available and the alternative must have been even more horrific.  But what if you could become aware of other choices.

 At NLP Manila helping people discover more choices in life is at the core of what we do and the others to do. Having more choices is typically about awareness of other choices or the resources needed to choose another option.

 Is it time for you to master the skill of choice?

About the author


Jim is a certified NLP Instructor and Master Practitioner from NLP Marin/ Instructor and Practitioner of NLP since 1993/ Trained by Jonathan Rice and David Gordon/  Trained in Family Constellation work as developed by Bert Hellinger/ Jim is also level 2 certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique taught by Dolores Cannon.