Structure of Pain and Suffering

November 7, 2016
Thoughts and beliefs that are not aligned to the purpose of God for us result in pain and suffering.

God created us for a purpose. God has also given us all the resources to fulfill the purpose. God has also given His Spirit to work in us to fulfill the purpose. If God is working for us, life would be easy. If we are aligned to God, His Will and His Spirit, our life would be full of peace, joy and happiness. God’s Spirit will continue flowing in our life smoothly, expanding our mind, heart and spirit in the process. We experience this flow of God’s Spirit and Life in us as peace and joy.

However, negative and limiting thoughts have been lodged in our personal field, which impedes the flow of God’s Spirit and Life. These thoughts and beliefs that are not aligned to the purpose of God for us create resistance in the flow. This resistance acts as a feedback mechanism telling us that these thoughts and beliefs are not aligned to God’s purpose. We experience this resistance as pain and suffering.

These limiting beliefs have come from various sources. When we are young, our mind has been programmed by our family and society as we imbibed many of them without question. Many of these programs are deeply embedded in our personal unconscious. We are not fully conscious of these limiting programs, but they affect much of our choices and decisions.

When we have grown, we begin to absorb beliefs and thoughts from peers and society. Sometimes, we accept and consent to limiting beliefs consciously because we have not developed our ability to think critically. In some cases, we own those thoughts because they help us keep or strengthen our sense of identity, sense of belonging or sense of security. Reinforcing limiting perspectives and identity help us survive and sustain the survivable status quo.

These limiting beliefs and perspectives drive our choices, decisions and actions. They affect the way we work, interact with others, and live our life. They lead us into attitudes and behaviors that are not aligned to God’s purpose for us. This misalignment ultimately reflects in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimension. They create problems in our ability to meet our existential, relational and growth needs. Pain and suffering comes as a result.

The negative thoughts, emotions and energy generated as pain and suffering resonate with the negative energy vibrating at the same level. This resonance serves as attractor to the negative energy from other people and the collective field. As a consequence, the negative emotions we are suffering are enhanced by the negative emotions in the collective field. This intensifies the pain and suffering.

Since the pain and suffering acts as feedback mechanism, they will continue to intensify until we have learned our lesson. If we are not listening to the message that the pain and suffering is communicating to us, it will continue to intensify. The moment we learn our lesson, the pain and suffering begins to go away.

Events and situation will happen to us that can bring pain and suffering. However, the ultimate determination of whether it will be pain or joy is the mind. If the mind perceives it as pain because of negative beliefs and thoughts, then the event will be experienced as painful. If the mind perceives it as something good, then the event will be experienced as enjoyable. Reality is ultimately based on the perception, which is conditioned by the prevailing mental maps and models. At the end of the day, our experience is always based on the meaning we put into it.

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