Free Will (Fact or Fiction)

July 15, 2021
Law of Attraction essentially says that which you truly believe is what you are attracted to and by.

Most people believe in the concept that we have been granted free will. And many feel at times they have little to no choices in life. What gives?


If we take the case of there is no such thing as free will, that implies that we are not responsible for our lives. It also implies we are not a spiritual being, it only means that we truly are just another one of the myriad of species on this Earth. If this is your view then this article is not for you.


It then becomes not a question of free will but one of responsibility. If you have free will you are then 100% responsible for the life you live. All that you experience, all that happens to you and you happen to others is your chosen reality.


The Law of Attraction essentially says that which you truly believe is what you, they, and it are mutually attracted to and by. But more on that later.


The key to choice is to first truly know and believe, I have created this reality both the perceived good and bad. In other words, take full responsibility for the life you have created because from here, and only here, you can experience your right of free will, CHOICE.


The second key to exercising your free will is to learn your chosen beliefs about you and the world at large, especially the unconscious ones. Many meditation practice is about stilling the mind and to discover the truths, beliefs, about yourself. Although quite effective the reare many paths to self discovery. But again, I stress, first take responsibility for your choices and then re-introduce yourself to those choices.


Most of us wrote the story of our lives many years ago during the process of figuring out our place in this world and dealing with the survival necessities of the creature, homo sapien, that our spirits reside in. The first 0-5 years is the time that most of our beliefs are formed. In the beginning, the world is such a dark unknown reality and our only sense of existence is when we experience the caring and sight of our mothers.So, as life happens, especially in those moments of uncertainty and fear, we choose our beliefs to deal with them. And with each new belief, we delete more and more choices about who we and the world is about. One way to learn of our choices is to go back to those formative years and re-experience them from a different perspective and simply or not, rechoose.


Another way is to notice the reality you attract. What is your life like and you will know your choices.


Another path is to learn the masterful tools designed to enhance the skills of belief observation in self and others and there-introduction of the power of Free Will…to choose again. NLP Manila is such a place that will teach you and develop your skill to master the art of what it means to be a truly happy and joyous Human Being.


May you choose you life with purpose and joy!

About the author


Jim is a certified NLP Instructor and Master Practitioner from NLP Marin/ Instructor and Practitioner of NLP since 1993/ Trained by Jonathan Rice and David Gordon/  Trained in Family Constellation work as developed by Bert Hellinger/ Jim is also level 2 certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique taught by Dolores Cannon.