Managing Psycho-Emotional Stress

April 16, 2021
Emmanuel F. Silan, PhD
Stressors are part of our life and it's up to us how to manage them well!

We are all experiencing different kinds of stress in our daily lives but we have the capability to work on them ourselves. Here are some steps we can do:

1.) MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATION. That alone will reduce a lot of stresses in your life.

2.) EMBRACE YOUR PAIN AND YOUR FEARS, make them your friend. "Nasty" friends are needed from time to time as much as we need good friends who stand with us. This is a critical part of your Adversity Quotient.

3.) DO WHAT SCARES YOU, that is your area of greatest growth.

4.) Spend 20% of your time preparing for things that can go wrong, and the rest of the 80% IN PLANNING AND EXECUTING YOUR PLANS for your positively stated desired outcomes – both short term and long term goals!

5.) And be ready to BE AT PEACE WITH OUR MAKER, even as we ask each other to rage against the dying of the light.

This will make us appreciative everyday that we are still alive in this wonderful, crazy, scary, amazing world!


About the author

Emmanuel F. Silan, PhD

NLP Coach and Counselor/ Human Behavior and Communications Specialist/ NLP Master Trainer (IN) and Coaching Master Trainer (ICI) / Organization Development Consultant/ Highly Experienced Team Building Facilitator/ Certified NLP Instructor and Master Practitioner/ has MA in Instruction Development and Technology/ PhD in Organization Development/ and currently taking Master in Counseling Psychology at  Ateneo de Manila University.